Wearable Technology Innovation

The invention in ‘Wearable Technology’ is traced to the year 1500 when the German inventor Peter Henlein created small watches in the form necklaces(Guler et al., 2016).  That could in a way be said as the harbinger to further inventions in the realm of wearable technology. Since then several scientists and entrepreneurs have produced some great wearable items.

Technology is always critical to the development of life, for a reason, it can advance and enhance the quality of our daily life. Wearable technologies are capable of even digitizing the workforce (Martin and Leurent, 2017).

Activity reliability and validity are highly impacted by wearables, as they make sharing valuable and critical information, which can be used by the researchers and scientists to improve the quality of life further. Thus, the time is ripe to merge wearables into various cases (Phillips et al., 2018).

The adaption of technology application into the sport is no exception to this. The interest towards such application can be traced to the improvements that could be brought about in equipment design, and the deep influence it can bring on sports. Sensors’ extensive use in equipment design has  the potential to exert influence on sport practices and their performance (James and Petrone, 2016).

Ubiquitous wearable sensors and emerging persuasive technology promises to bring about  well-being  through fitness exercises (Stein et al., 2015), as a result of which it has generated a considerable amount of desire on the part of sportspersons and fitness freaks to own such devices.

This article objective is to offer an improved technology using wearable device (The EMS Revolution) that could provide a better body muscles training to such individuals who are hard pressed in time. Moreover, looking for an appropriate tool, which would save their time and bring desired results regarding building their muscles or shedding weight, and getting to be slimmer faster. All these can ultimately bring about a sportier body, and healthier life. This is not something new but anything that could improve an existing product is worthy of exploring further.

The product can be marked also in new gym centers who are kick-starting their business in the field of innovative equipment that is capable of being used now or in the future.

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation)

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) systems use a signal generator through the electrodes attached to a person’s skin via wearable sensors to send electrical impulses to their muscles. These impulses cause the muscles to contract involuntarily and thus allow these devices to actuate the person’s limbs.

In EMS, low-frequency pulses of electrical current via electrodes are applied to numerous parts of the body using custom training vest. Whereas in the regular training, signals are sent to muscles through the central nervous system, in EMS, the external electrodes apply impulses to muscles for contraction as muscles receive such external signals, something akin to brain signals.

EMS Revolution:

The electrostimulation or electro fitness is a new generation belonging to the muscle stimulation system. With it, one can work on 350 muscles. With the equipment from EMS Revolution, it is possible to achieve the desired results by undertaking training by spending a bare 20 minutes, just two times a week.

EMS revolution presence is worldwide and looking to expand in the Middle East to increase the number of centers.



With exclusive live monitoring software from EMS Revolution, information can be obtained on such physiological parameters as training areas, heart rates, calories consumed, and training effects realized. The user must wear electro stimulation vest and pulse meter to receive EMS monitoring results in real time with accuracy in assessments.

Virtual Trainer

Virtual Coach Software is available with the system to make life easier, which incidentally dispenses away the need for the presence of a trainer. For the same use of electrostimulation, the software includes 250 exercises supervised by a virtual coach, which can be shared between more than two persons concurrently, and show results visibility is just a few sessions.

Results Report & Performance Following

Knowing the number of calories left -over and performance percentage in each session is one of the exciting benefits that can accrue to the users.

This type of technology will give those who venture into this business a more objective and attractive proposition, clearly differentiating itself from the competition by offering a 100% efficient product.

Only the EMS training method automatically sends an email to the customer summarizing the results of its latest workout.

EMS Revolution advantages:

  • High profitability.
  • Multiple clients at the same time.
  • Virtual trainer.
  • Training effect.
  • Design to optimize staff cost.
  • Ems monitoring software for physical activity.
  • Objective data and real training.
  • Adequate training on how to use it for many people you need.
  • Ongoing support and advice to achieve optimal benefit.


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